Booking conditions
The following terms apply to all bookings and cancellations.
The terms bind both parties to the customer's paid reservation altogether.

Booking and payment
The invoice will be sent by e-mail. The reservation is confirmed when the invoice has been paid by the due date.

The booking must be made in writing either by e-mail or by letter. Cancellation is confirmed when heed to the rock has been informed of the cancellation. Cancellation reserved 200  Prepayment. If the cancellation is 0-30 days before the rental, the entire rent will be charged. A heed to the cliff has the right to cancel the reservation in case of force majeure. In this case, the Vaankallio shall immediately notify the lessee. In this case, the lessee has the right to repay the full rent paid. Any other damage caused and the costs incurred by the cottage owner are not obligated to pay.

Accessing the property and returning the keys
Door locks work with key. Key access instructions can be obtained separately.

Staying in the villa
The accommodation is available from 16.00 until the date of departure until 12.00 unless otherwise agreed. The guest is responsible for ensuring the overall cleanliness of the resort during the stay. Additional cleaning will be charged according to the costs incurred.

Do not smoke indoors. No animals may be brought into the resort. Infringements are entitled to compensation for ventilation, cleaning and other costs incurred. The minimum payout is 200 €. Vaankallio has the right to interrupt the reservation due to behaviour if, despite the warning, the customer does not cease to pose a risk or disturbance in or around the resort.

Number of people
Only the number of people agreed on the invoice may be allowed unless otherwise agreed.

Damage compensation
The tenant is obliged to compensate for the damage incurred in the resort or its movable costs.

Comments and complaints relating to the equipment and condition of the holiday destination must be reported immediately. We reserve the right to change the terms. We will not be responsible for any errors in the brochure or website material.

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