Vaarinkallio is an amazing timber villa in Koli, one of the National Parks of Finland. Come and enjoy the stillness, space, and beauty of the surrounding forest and lake.

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Vaarinkallio (meaning "grandfather's rock") comes from story of Juho Sutinen, who owned the area around Vastuulahti. Juho was a former worker at Juuka Ahmovaara and he bought the land by loaning the money from his place of work in early 1900s. Juho Sutinen married Leena Mustonen, and together they worked hard to clear the land around this area for farming. It was particularly rocky and there were deep swamps that they had to clear for growing grain.

Juho and Leena's lives were poor and modest, but with faith as their foundation there was hope for a better future. Juho taught Sunday school for the children in the village, and many guests from far and wide stayed with the family; and as per the Finnish tradition, signed the family's guestbook as a token of appreciation.

Unpredictable weather and rocky soil were one of many challenges faced by the Sutinen family. Eemeli, their first children, died early. Another child, Erkki, who was studying at a remote school and who the family had great expectations, died at the beginning of the Winter War. Prior to that, Juho died of diabetes before his 60-year-old celebration.

But life had to continue. As Leena was in need of help, Juho's brother Antti, a fisherman, had time to look after the children. Some years later, the daughters Liina, Anna and Leena moved to the eastern side of Pielinen Lake, to Eno and Lieksa with their husbands. Toivo left to work in Turku, but he came back in the 1970s with his own family. Onni and Ensio lived in this area until they moved to a better place closer to the village of Koli in the early 1970s.

Allan, the youngest of the children and Ensio's twin brother, was sent to school, first in Lieksa and then to study theology in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Allan graduated as a Lutheran priest in 1958 and carried on his work until his death in 1989, then a chaplain in Eurajoki in central Finland.

Vaarinkallio is 14-hectare plot that was part of the original farm, and is currently owned by Allan's son, Erkki who is a professor of information technology and a priest. The path to the old school, where Allan and his sisters went to school, runs through the middle of the land.


Vaarinkallio at present is an exciting chapter in the story of Sutinen family and Koli. It is a place that inspires new thoughts and perspectives in the visitor’s wandering mind. Vaarinkallio is a place for imagination and renewal, where life is held up by faith, hope and love.

But the greatest of these, love.

Welcome to Vaarinkallio
Your hosts, the Sutinen family